Westbury Estate Services Ltd



Part P approval from NAPIT

WES is approved by NAPIT as a 'competent person' for the installation and inspection of Part P domestic electrical installations.

Through NAPIT, we are also registered with TrustMark, a scheme supported by Government, the building industry and consumer groups to help you find reliable and trustworthy tradespeople to make improvements and repairs to your home.


What this means for you

WES fully adheres to the principles and codes of conduct specified by the TrustMark scheme, so you can be sure that our work will be properly carried out, be competitively priced (with no hidden charges) and that any problems will be sorted out promptly and efficiently.

You can have complete confidence in WES because NAPIT electricians are:

  • Independently trained and qualified
  • Informed about the latest legal requirements and Building Regulations
  • Insured to work in your home
  • Committed to TrustMark standards

You will also automatically receive an insurance-backed warranty for jobs over £75, or can choose it as an option for smaller jobs.

Through Part P, any work carried out or inspected by WES is automatically registered under statutory Building Regulations and a certificate of compliance is issued by the contractor.

Failure to obtain a certificate of compliance could mean:

  • You may have difficulty selling your home
  • You may be forced to have the work put right under Building Control Regulations
  • You have no guarantee that the work is safe and complies with the latest standards

In short, this gives you complete peace of mind.


One of the leading bodies for testing and approving 'competent persons' is NAPIT. Established in 1992, the National Association of Professional Inspectors and Testers provides an independent professional trade body for electricians and allied trades throughout the UK. All its members are professionally trained and qualified to meet minimum Government standards. In addition, they are committed to meeting the requirements laid down by TrustMark. NAPIT carry out regular inspections, and customers automatically receive an insurance-backed warranty for jobs over £75, or can choose it as an option for smaller jobs.


About Part P

In January 2005, domestic electrical installations became included in statutory Building Regulations with the introduction of Part P Electrical Installation. Part P is designed to ensure proper, safe electrical installations and eliminate dangerous work carried out by unskilled householders or contractors. From that date, virtually any change to the fixed electrical wiring or installation in domestic premises must be notified to the local authority prior to the work being carried out, and approved by them on completion, with the issue of a certificate of compliance. This applies to work carried out by the householder or by an unapproved electrician or other tradesman. Obviously, this can be a time-consuming and costly process, especially for relatively minor works. However, any work carried out or inspected by an approved 'competent person' is automatically registered and a certificate of compliance issued by the contractor.